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    Looking for a Kindergarten program in Sugar Land and Vintage Park?

    The Young Leaders Campuses provide innovative, educational experiences for your children through Kindergarten. The custom L.E.A.D. curriculum focuses on academic learning and innovative enrichment activities that prepare children for the first grade.
    The Kindergarten Programs at Young Leaders Campuses are designed for children who have turned 5 by December 1st.
    The Young Leaders Kindergarten Program exposes children to learning concepts in more concrete ways. Children learn to read through phonics instruction, science through inquiry based exploration and independent projects, math, and technology through the Apple® Computer Lab and exposure to the iPads. Children have fun, but are challenged to grow socially and academically.
    • Our exclusive reading and language arts curriculum will introduce phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, interactive storytelling and our research-based phonics programs will ensure that students grow as life-long readers and writers.
    • Children have opportunities to select activities based on interest, and therefore, learn to self-regulate and to focus. Developing the ability to be self-directed problem solvers is critical for future learning. This program prepares children for learning and working in a 21st Century, globally-focused environment that requires well developed critical thinking, divergent thinking and collaborative skills.
    • Children are encouraged to explore similarities and differences among people, beliefs, foods, celebrations, clothing and other aspects of cultures around the world. At age 5, the child’s appreciation for the world beyond him or herself continues to grow.
    • Children build new gross motor and fine motor competencies through experiences in the state-of-the-art gymnasium and the outdoor age-appropriate playground.
    • Beyond simply having fun, children begin to learn the social and physical skills, necessary for the competitive sports that many families enroll children in outside of the school day.
    • Our science curriculum will allow the hands-on approach to explore the foundational principles of physical science.
    • Creativity is encouraged while children learn through fun activities in art and music. Creating different art projects will teach both the expressive and technical aspects of art while allowing children to make choices about what and how they will draw or paint.
    • The music program will introduce your child to songs and activities from various countries.


    Kindergarten spaces are very limited because we know you want small class sizes for your child.

    Young children will thrive in Sugar Land campuses' new private kindergarten

    Places to Be With Friends – Kindergartners seek out well-defined spaces where they can play in groups, such as dramatic-play and block areas. Large areas for meetings, stories, and music and movement answer their interest in large-group activities.
    See Research for more information about what five year olds need.