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    Curriculum & Your Child

    Under the direction and guidance of Dr. Forrest Watson, veteran education leader and author, professionals with education experience developed the specific course guidelines and activities for Pre-School and Kindergarten classes, enrichment classes, summer and winter camps, after school classes, tutorials, and other campus specific activities.

    The Young Leaders L.E.A.D. (Leaders Enriched, Advanced and Developed) curriculum for each class is crafted to further develop these key factors in your children’s lifelong success:

    • eye-hand coordination
    • motor skills
    • team building
    • leadership
    • critical thinking and problem solving
    • self-confidence
    • academic learning


    The foundation of the program is predominately based on research in:

    • early childhood education development
    • inquiry-based instruction
    • structural cooperative learning classroom management


    In order to foster an understanding of teamwork, build self-esteem, stimulate engagement and interaction, your children have the opportunity to work individually, in small groups, or in somewhat larger groups in some situations. The specialty learning labs at Young Leaders Campuses provide unique and well-equipped areas that are colorful and help your children’s attention while they learn and have fun.

    The Research

    “In developmentally appropriate practice, the curriculum helps young children achieve outcomes that are developmentally and educationally significant. The curriculum does this through learning experiences (including play) that reflect what is known about young children in general and about these children in particular, as well as about the sequences in which children learning specific concepts and skills, building on prior knowledge and skills.” (NAEYC Position Statement, November, 2012)

    Click here for more information on the research conducted by National Association of Education for Young Children.