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    Here are some tips for helping your kids when they enter a new school, or when they’re nervous about starting a new class. Plan ahead. Think about what you will say when you leave your child and how you will keep from getting emotional in front of her. Make sure your child gets a good night’s […]

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    You’ve heard me say this before: Parent training is important. It’s not just my opinion either. A report from Child & Family Blog* verifies my opinion, and they have the research to prove it. Here’s an excerpt from their report: Parenting programs offer multiple, cost-effective opportunities to transform children’s prospects in profound and lasting ways, […]

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    People are inconvenient. They interrupt. They ask for favors. They’re needy. But they also provide us with the greatest moments of warmth and belonging. Yes, relationships take effort. Everything you teach your children is validated by the relationship you form with them. So when I came across this story, I tucked it away in my […]

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    I’ve been up to my ears in a week-long children’s camp event that our church offers each summer. It requires months of planning and thousands of man hours compiled by nearly 100 volunteers to pull it off, and I was in charge of the program. I spent the last two weeks putting in long hours […]

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    Last week I talked about the real differences between boys and girls, and how they affect the learning environment.  Although the title implies that we should erase gender differences, that’s not my intention. Gender differences are both good and natural. The differences we need to erase or minimize are those which minimize the success of each […]

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    The recent federal mandate regarding bathroom usage has touched off a national debate about gender identity. One of the legitimate reasons to have such a debate is the desire to erase unfair barriers created by gender. The logic of this argument goes thus: if society creates barriers to women as compared to men, then we […]

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    There’s a proverb that says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The way we think determines not only who we are but also how we behave. Our thoughts lead directly to our actions. This means that parents have to help their children think correctly before they will begin to change their […]

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    In Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, And Bad Attitudes, authors Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller identify a ‘network factor’: ways that families form networks of relationships and how this network affects behaviors. A marriage starts with two relationships: him toward her and her toward him. When a child is born, the relationships get more complex. […]

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    I recently heard this quote on ABC’s Last Man Standing: The tough balance for any parent is providing a harness to keep our kids safe without taking away the victory of the climb. ~ Tim Allen, #LastManStanding Anyone who has been a parent any length of time can relate to this statement. Most parents constantly fight […]

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